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thinkBA was established in 2011 to provide a core Business Analysis service to customers. At thinkBA, we understand that analytical skills are essential in order to improve core business operations and deliver successful projects. By exploring business problems, and considering solutions across people, process, organisation and technology, a business can become remarkably more effective.

Over the years we have expanded our service offerings to provide a range of complimentary services; our consultants employ a wide range of skills, based on strong technical foundations in order to meet new challenges.

Our consultants have experience across a range of sectors, and can travel to meet the needs of your business. Our values drive us to share our knowledge and expertise with clients, so they can develop their own offerings and become stronger partners in future.

Our purpose and our passion is to deliver value to our customers.


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Business and Systems Analysis

Many business endeavours fail to have adequate analytical skills in place that are essential for success. With core analytical skills in place, major pitfalls can be avoided that would otherwise severely limit the success of a project.

With a Business Analysis service from thinkBA you ensure that:
- The fundamental problem has been defined
- The business needs and framework for a solution provide a solid foundation going forward
- Your stakeholders are engaged and galvanised around the Vision
- The benefits of the work are defined and plans are in place to measure these benefits
- The solution is considered holistically (I.T. is only part of the solution and innovation is essential)
- Your requirements are managed and traceable as the solution progresses

Service Transition

ITIL based service transition from thinkBA can understand the organisational or environmental constraints that your service or product will deliver in and need to adhere to. By capturing appropriate requirements and constraints early, they can be planned in and your development team can focus on what they do best... software engineering.

thinkBA works with our clients in order to ensure that the engineering effort is considered beyond 'code drops'. We support the development of efficient release processes and establish ongoing relationships with customers (beyond delivery) to ensure that the desired benefits are continuously realised.

By allowing thinkBA to manage the service transition elements of your delivery, you have the possibility of being far more flexible with your rollout plans and can be assured that the delivery has been considered holistically.

Business Improvement

Many businesses operate under a mindset that is not working for them or them customers. Core values promoted by Agile and Lean engineering can provide numerous benefits to your customers and the organisation as a whole.

thinkBA provides coaching to clients that introduce key principles and tools that can:
- Improve Lead and Cycle times for work (reducing time to market)
- Improve product quality
- Improve team and customer happiness
- Improve customer and stakeholder engagement and collaboration
- Provide more accurate and less painful estimates

Business Intelligence

Businesses are often making important decisions without all of the information at their disposal. thinkBA can work with clients in order to leverage their own data to best effect.

With their data 'unlocked' clients can explore:
- Key market or business trends that have developed over time (that may require a response)
- How different elements of their business are interacting
- The 'health' of their business
- Leading indicators that will enable them to be pro-active (rather than reactive)


Continuous improvement and collaborative principles harness the true potential of your organisation.


Agile and Lean Training

Agile and Lean training courses from thinkBA cover:
- The history of Lean and Agile
- The Agile Values and Principles
- Lean Values and Waste Reduction
- Scrum
- Kanban
- Practical Exercises

Business Analysis Training

Analysis training courses from thinkBA cover:
- The role of Business Analysis
- Opportunities for BAs to improve their organisations
- Requirements gathering and elicitation
- Requirements analysis, management and quality
- Agile/Lean values and practises and their impact on BA work


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